When a traditional or digital X-ray can’t provide enough information for your dentist to diagnose a problem or develop a treatment plan, better imaging is needed. The SCity Dental Clinic team, led by Ifeanyi Ezunu, DDS, relies on the CT scan. Dental CT scans are special X-rays that produce high-quality 3D imagery of your soft tissues, teeth, and facial bones in a single scan. Schedule an appointment online or call the practice in Norcross, Georgia.

What is a dental computed tomography (CT) scan?

A dental cone beam CT scan is a special X-ray taken by a machine used in situations where traditional or digital X-rays are insufficient. The CT scan technology generates 3D images of the teeth, bones, soft tissues, and nerve paths in a single scan so your dentist can create a personalized treatment plan.

What is the dental CT scan used for?

The CT scan is not used for everyday X-ray needs as it uses more radiation than a traditional or digital X-ray. The CT scan is primarily used for:

  • Diagnosing tooth decay

  • Planning orthodontic treatment

  • Planning surgery for impacted teeth

  • Determining the placement of dental implants

  • Diagnosing temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder

  • Detecting and treating jaw tumors

  • Determining tooth orientation and bone structure

  • Locating the cause of pain

  • Reconstructive surgery

  • Evaluating the sinuses, nerve canals, jaw, and nasal cavity

There is nothing special you need to do to prepare for a CT scan other than to remove your jewelry. However, make sure to inform your dentist if you’re pregnant.

How is the CT scan performed?

You sit in the exam chair or stand near the machine, depending on the type of CT scanner being used. Your dentist carefully positions you so that the area in need of imaging is centered in the beam. You sit or stand still for about 40 seconds while the X-ray machine revolves around you in a 360-degree rotation, taking multiple images to create the full mouth X-ray. The process is painless and there are no side effects during or after the scans.

What are the benefits of the CT scan?

The team at Spectrum Dental Care uses CT scans to generate higher-quality images for improved accuracy compared to taking individual X-rays. You only need a single scan to create multiple images to show a variety of angles and views. The CT scan provides more information than a traditional X-ray provides, including bone and soft tissue in the same image, allowing your dentist to make better decisions regarding your treatment plan.

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